How to Write an Essay

An essay is a paper assigned to the students in which they have to present their academic opinion regarding a certain question. Academic opinion is the point of view supported with reliable scientific arguments. An essay is not merely a text in which you express what you think about the given question, but it’s the work that has to show your ability to find information, analyze it, and to come to the conclusions.

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The Structure of an Essay

An essay assignment has certain length restrictions, which is usually stated in the number of words the text should have. Usually, you may deviate from this number by no more than 10 percent. An essay should consist of:

  • the introduction;
  • the main body;
  • the conclusion;
  • the reference list or bibliography.

The essay has to be written in the academic style, so you should check if you know all the rules of this style before you start typing. Use simple and easy-to-read size 12 font with double or 1.5 spacing and margins of at least 2.5 cm. The pages should be of A4 format with text printed only on one side. No bold, italic or underlined font is allowed, and the images may be used only if they are necessary for the discussion. However, style, shape, and content rules may be different for every assignment, so you should ask your teacher and study the complete set of requirements for your paper.

Understanding the Title

The title of an essay is constructed according to the special rules. It consists of three parts, which are:

  • topic;
  • focus;
  • instructions.

The topic is a field of knowledge or area to which your exploration belongs. The focus is a particular aspect that you are going to talk about. And the instructions show what kind of investigation you will do in the focused area. The examples of the instructions are the words, such as discuss, analyze, compare, examine, etc. Notice, that these words are used in their academic meanings, so if you are not sure which instruction word to choose or what the title of your assignment means, consult an academic glossary of instruction words.

Completing the Introduction

The introductions of small essays usually consist of one paragraph while the works that are longer than 2000 words may include two or more paragraphs. The general rule is that the introduction takes around 10 percent of the total length of the text.

The introduction describes the area and the focus of the discussion, giving the background information that the reader will need to understand your work. It should also provide the outline of the road you will take to answer the essay’s question and the conclusion you plan to come to at the end of the essay. Such an outline is often called the “map” of the essay. To a certain extent, the introduction summarizes the entire essay, which means that you can write it after you finish the main body or, at least, it should be reviewed when the work is done.

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The Main Body

The main body consists of the paragraphs of 100-200 words. In each paragraph, you should make one point, supporting it with proper argumentation and writing a conclusion at the end. Thus, the paragraphs of an essay should include the following parts:

  • An introduction sentence, where you introduce the point that will be discussed and its link to the main question of the essay.
  • The body of the paragraph, where you support this point with evidence, such as quotations, references to reliable sources, facts or, in some cases, your own research. It should be clear how each reference is connected to the point of the paragraph.
  • The conclusion summarizes the idea and shows how it contributes to answering the main question of the essay.

To make your work easier, determine beforehand how many paragraphs your essay will have, considering the required word count. Write down the ideas, which your paragraphs will be supporting. Decide on the best order of the paragraphs and how they are related to each other. Remember that your ability to discuss and analyze the information is tested with the help of the essay assignment, so you should provide your analysis and attempt to answer the questions regarding the cause, nature or consequences of the events, not only state the facts.

The Conclusion

A good conclusion brings together all the ideas, which were discussed in the main body and shows how they all contribute to solving the main issue. The conclusion answers the main question of the essay and gives its probable implications. In the end, you may also suggest how the topic can be further investigated. The conclusion should take up approximately 10 percent of the essay.

Check, Edit, and Proofread

When all the work is finished, it is time to check. Pay attention to the general aspects – make sure the main question is answered, the text is well-structured, and it contains all the needed elements. Check if the list of references is correct and complete. After this, read your essay and try to see how well each point is supported by the evidence, and whether the explanations are clear to the reader. Then, proofread to eliminate the spelling and punctuation mistakes. It is useful to have your essay ready several days before the deadline so that you have enough time to check your work thoroughly.

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